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Sensormate GEFRAN - SL76-VDA Strain with cariable digital amplifier


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15 / 12 / 2019
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Detail GEFLEX GFX-M1 / GFX-S1 / GFX-E1

GEFLEX GFX-M1 / GFX-S1 / GFX-E1 MODULAR POWER CONTROLLER FOR TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED ZONES Main features • Three versions: MASTER - independent temperature control and communication unit SLAVE - independent temperature control unit EXPANSION - for three-phase loads • SSR ( Solid State Relay) zero crossing • Rated voltage: 480Vac rms, 50-50Hz • Rated current ( AC1) : 25A, 40A, 60A, 75A, 90A, 120A • Protection: IP20 • Installation: DIN bar and panel • Universal temperature input, accuracy 0.2% • Configurable digital input • Logic output or " cooling" relay • Load current detection with integrated CT • Heat/ cool PID, selection of cooling fluid, self-tuning, auto-tuning, soft-start • 4 generic alarms, LBA and HB alarms • 2 configurable relay outputs • Field bus for Master: std: “ Modbus RTU” with Serial RS485 optically opt: “ PROFIBUS DP” , “ CANopen” , “ DeviceNet” Main applications • Plastic extruders • Plastic injection presses • Blowers • Plastic and rubber processing machines • Wrapping machines • Packaging machines • Thermal processes with electric heating Main input Thermocouple, resistance thermometer, Linear. Application: process variable. Thermocouples: ITS90: J, K, R, S, T, B, E, N, U, G, D, C, custom. Cold junction compensation: internal, with automatic compensation. Resistance thermometer: Pt100 DIN 43710, J Pt100, custom. Linears/ Transmitters: range 0...60mV, 0...20mA, 0...1Vdc ( configurable within limits) . Possible 32 segment custom linearization. DIGITAL COMMUNICATION, FIELD BUS Asynchronous serial transmission. Std. protocol: MODBUS RTU RS485 2 wires, 1200...19200 baud. Optional protocols: CAN OPEN 10K...1M bit/ sec, PROFIBUS DP 9, 6...12Mbit/ sec. Safety Detection of short circuit or opening of input probe, open loop alarm ( LBA) , load fault alarm ( HB) , overheat SCR. PROCESS CONTROL FUNCTIONS Control PID, PI, PD, P, On/ Off, heat, cool, heat + cool with fluid selection. Manual/ Automatic: Bumpless or with manual forcing of output. Tuning - Self-tuning: calculation of PID parameters at system start. - Auto-tuning: continuous adjustment of PID values. Special functions Soft-start, power limitation, software shutdown. Alarms Up to 4: absolute, deviation, symmetric, direct, rever- se, Latching and non, LBA, HB. Reference: PV, SP, aux input ( for HB) . Multiset Double setpoint with gradient selectable from digital input POWER SUPPLY 24Vdc ± 25% , 3W
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