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Sensormate GEFRAN - SL76-VDA Strain with cariable digital amplifier

Sensormate GEFRAN - SL76/80-VDA268 Link sensor with digital amplifier

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14 / 03 / 2021
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Detail Sensormate GEFRAN - SL76/80-VDA268 Link Sensor With Digital Amplifier


Strain link sensors picks up surface-strain between the 2 mounting locations.

The strain occuring between the mounting areas is mechanically amplified inside of the sensor.

The integrated digital amplifier processes the signal on the spot, avoiding EMC problems.

Thanks to the rugged design, this sensors are used in heavy industrial environment. In case of overload, this sensor may get an offset.

After replacing a SL-Sensor, they need to be recalibrated.

They need a cyclical reset (for cycles >1min.).

Our amplifier can handle the occuring large offset range.


  • Amplifies the strain between the 2 mounting areas mechanically
  • Ideal for tension mode
  • With high end digital amplifier type 268 (active)
  • Mainly for dynamic applications
  • Use don presses and injection moulding machines
  • Solid steel housing (IP54)
  • inductive sensor
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